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Salesforce Sales Cloud

The new Sales Cloud, powered by Lightning. It handles a lot, so you can take on even more.

Sales Cloud lets you remain connected on the move, no matter where you are. You can make and record phone calls, create leads, explore new opportunities and gain 24/7 access …

It’s all about working with what you’ve got. This feature integrates the email applications that you use on a daily basis without forcing you to change anything.

Leverage the power of unity through this intelligent connectivity tool that allows you to create a full-fledged social media platform comprising of your business team.
Opportunities and Quotes

You get access to quick information about the various nuances of the projects your team is working on.
Data that matters

When it comes to procuring key data about company profiles from top sources, Sales Mobile helps you proactively.

This is one of the most productive aspects of Sales Cloud because it provides you with all the insightful information.

Why Salesforce Sales Cloud?
  • Capture Leads from Website
  • Track Sales Opportunities
  • Manage Marketing Campaigns
  • Reports & Dashboards
Why CRM ?
  • It allows you to register your leads and contacts.
  • You can track all customer interaction
  • It reveals possibilities
  • It makes your most valuable asset – the customer data – remain

Salesforce Sales Cloud closes the data sharing gap

Sales people live and die by the close. Closing a sale can be an art form, but there’s far more to sealing a deal than artistry. Purchase decisions are based increasingly more on customer experience than product and price. And as competition for customers, the number of channels to reach them and the amount of customer data collected hit all-time highs, it’s no wonder sales teams are looking skyward to the cloud for answers. Salesforce Sales Cloud can give reps greater insight into their customers before a crucial call and help them close deals while they’re in the field. As a result, Sales Cloud is the most widely used Salesforce app.

Salesforce Sales Cloud includes PRM

Sales Cloud successfully includes the PRM (Partner Relationship Management) to expedite real-time communication between the brand makers and their indirect channels, thereby helping them develop brand awareness through direct as well as indirect mediums. It is an outlet to share ideas, communicate and execute orders with your partners on a real-time basis.

The provision of PRM on the cloud obviates the partners’ need to make huge investments on costly software/hardware and indirect channels while dealing with their brand owners.