Salesforce Consulting Services

We know Salesforce, but we also know your industry

While many companies offer Salesforce consulting services, few can match our combination of Salesforce and industry expertise. With hundreds of successful consulting engagements in media, we bring vital industry knowledge to every project. That means we get up to speed faster and deliver solutions that reflect the realities of your industry as well as your need for greater visibility, automation, and integration.


An agile process led by experienced consultants

We’re a Salesforce Partner with a team made up of senior talent from Salesforce. But our difference isn’t just about skill: it’s about approach.

Our agile methodology gets you up and running fast with the right solution, so we can spend more time on training and support. We allocate more resources to these later stages of your project because years of experience have shown us it’s critical to maximizing adoption and ensuring long-term success

   #1 SCOPE
Understanding your needs

We start a client engagement by conducting one or more business-process mapping sessions with key stakeholders.
This allows us to understand your business on a granular level: where you are right now, and where you want Salesforce to take you.

   #2 DESIGN
Outlining the right solution

Once we’ve scoped your needs, we provide a detailed outline of the recommended solution.
If you require a custom build led by a Salesforce developer, we’ll provide a complete roadmap so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Letting you test drive it

Before we finalize the configuration or development process, we prototype the solution so that you and your staff can see exactly how the application looks and functions.
This process not only gives our clients a greater degree of comfort and control, it also reduces overall project costs significantly.

   #4 REFINE
Adjusting for the perfect fit

It’s essential to get every detail of the functionality and user experience right before your solution goes live.
We build in regular checkpoints with you and your key decision-makers to ensure the prototype meets your expectations for usability, functionality, integration, and alignment with your business goals

   #5 TRAIN
Supporting adoption and optimal use

Salesforce training is integral to the success of the project, and we take extra time and care to develop a customized training strategy that aligns with your organizational culture and fits the way you and your staff work.
Our training process involves more time, hands-on learning, smaller class sizes, day-in-the-life simulations, and multiple engagements that stretch from pre- to post-launch.

Ensuring your long-term success

Our Salesforce support services go beyond simple maintenance to focus on continually increasing usage, improving performance, and maximizing ROI.
We also offer our highly effective training and support services to companies who want to optimize the performance of their existing Salesforce system.